FanClash, an Indian esports startup, raises $40 million

As a result of the funds, the company plans to scale and hire additional talent for its fantasy esports platform and esports tournament operations.

FanClash was founded two years ago in India with the aim of creating an esports fantasy ecosystem.

With esports, players can create teams made up of real-life esports players and score points based on their performances in the game.

Several hundred thousand users are said to be members of the company's fantasy league.

The company says it supports fantasy leagues in 10 games, including League of Legends, Dota 2 and Call of Duty.

FanClash also organizes smaller-scale esports tournaments across a variety of games, such as PUBG, CS:GO, VALORANT, Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile.

By participating in the fantasy league, as well as in weekly and daily challenges and tournaments, users can earn monetary rewards.

The cash injection follows another significant investment for the company. In August 2021, FanClash closed a Series A round worth $10 million (*£8.1 million) bringing the company's total investment to $50 million (£40.8 million) in less than three years.

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