Finally, League of Legends: Sivir is getting a well-deserved rework

It has been an exciting year for League of Legends (LoL) players, as new champions have been released and older champions have been reworked almost every month.

Zeri the Spark of Zaun debuted alongside reworks for Janna and Tahm Kench in January. In February, Renata Glasc, the Chem Baroness, was released into the rift, along with Ahri's rework.

Riot Games released the reworked versions of Rengar, Swain, and Olaf in April. With Taliyah's rework and Bel'veth's arrival, they didn't slow down in May.

August Browning, the LoL Lead Champion Designer, announced a rework for Sivir the Battle Mistress just moments before previewing Nilah, the newest champion.

According to U.GG, a LoL Statistics site, The Battle Mistress is a B-tier champion with a 48.99% win rate in Season 11 and 12.

Her pick rate is a dismal 1.7% and her ban rate is almost nonexistent at 0.5%. Also, she hasn't been active in pro play for about two years now.

The reason for Sivir's unpopularity is primarily due to her short range, which makes it difficult for her to compete with long-range ADCs like Caitlyn.She is also quite underwhelming in her On the Hunt ultimate, further contributing to her abysmal pick and win rates.

Riot's Ray 'RayYonggi' Williams, who took part in the revamp of the Lethality Item system in Season 11, will be in charge of Sivir's reworking. RayYonggi confirmed on Reddit that the high-level goal of this rework is to 'legitimize her Crit build and playstyle'.

In order to deal high DPS, she will have to sacrifice her ability to shuttle teammates. RayYonggi plans to make her W and Q more useful for crit builds, along with a DPS buff for her R, 'in lieu of some of her utility and early poke.'

Sivir's rework and release date have not yet been announced, but we'll learn more in the coming days when August and RayYonggi reveal the champion's reworked skillset.

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