Five characters from Star Wars I believe would fit well in Tales of the Jedi

There are plenty of characters in the animated series whose stories could be told in the future, in addition to Ahsoka and Count Dooku. Dave Filoni, who wrote The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian, recently made headlines thanks to the announcement of a new animated series, Tales of the Jedi. Like its predecessors, Tales of the Jedi will delve into untold stories from the Star Wars saga, this time focusing on Jedi Knights from the Republic Period.

There will be six animated shorts in Tales of the Jedi. The first half will be dedicated to Ahsoka Tano, while the rest will be dedicated to Count Dooku and his tutelage of Qui-Gon Jinn, as well as his eventual fall to the Dark Side of the Force. The first season of Tales of the Jedi will focus on Ahsoka and Dooku, but if the show returns for a second season, other beloved characters could find prominence.

Tales of the Jedi's Season 1 will feature the appearance of Mace Windu, but it is not yet clear what his role will be. Even so, he would make a great subject for a future season's focus storyline. Due to his exceptional skill as a warrior, and his stylish purple lightsaber, Wudni is one of the most popular Jedi Masters from the Prequel Trilogy - in addition to being played by Hollywood legend Samuel L. Jackson.

Mave Windu has already made a mark on animation thanks to his outstanding performance in the original 2003 Clone Wars short films directed by Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory). In contrast, that series focused more on Windu's combat prowess than his backstory or personality. Windu can be characterized as stubborn and short-sighted, making him an ideal subject for Tales of the Jedi to explore.

Jedi mastery of the Force, skilled use of the lightsaber, and boundless wisdom make this trickster synonymous with the Jedi. Yoda is hardly perfect despite being unquestionably among the greatest Jedis of all time. The possibility of making a series of shorts about him might show him to be incredibly multifaceted.

It would be novel for the Clone Wars franchise to show Yoda in this light - outside of a handful of episodes. In addition, Yoda's appeal lies in his enigmatic nature, so showing too much about his past could easily kill the mystique. However, a Yoda storyline could prove to be very interesting if done well.

Jedi Master Plo Koon may not be recognized at all by Star Wars fans who are only familiar with the live-action film series. In the prequel trilogy, he was little more than a background character - just another alien in a sea of Jedi, whose name fans would barely recognize without looking him up on Wookiepedia. Ple Koon is a beloved character among diehard fans thanks to Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Plo Koon appears prominently in the first storyline of Season 1, the Malevolence arc. In the course of the storyline, the Jedi Master establishes his noble character, along with his compassion towards the Clone Troopers under his command. 

As Plo Koon asserts defiantly in one of the most famous scenes, even if the Clones are expendable, their lives have value to him. It's likely that Plo Koon will appear in Ahsoka Tano's own Tales of the Jedi arc as well. Even so, Plo Koon is a compelling enough character to carry a storyline of his own. Because showrunner Filoni is a personal favorite, it's possible he will eventually.

Originally known primarily for his striking tentacle-headed design and his somewhat silly-sounding name, Kit Fisto was fleshed out as a minor Prequel Jedi in the cartoons. A later Tartakovsky Clone Wars short featured him leading an underwater battle against a legion of Battle Droids on Mon Cala, an aquatic world.

In The Clone Wars, Fisto further endeared himself to fans by showing off a friendly, easygoing personality. Irrespective of his role, Phil LaMarr is best known for his roles as Samurai Jack, Green Lantern, and Hermes Conrad in the Futurama series. As such, Kit Fisto is another character whose return in Tales of the Jedi is very much anticipated.

Although he possessed an impressive collection of lightsabers, this cyborg warlord was not actually a Jedi. Even so, Dooku is likely to be explored in some detail since he is one of Season 1's leads. When it comes to big bads of the Prequel era, you can't get much worse than General Grievous.

Even though the commander of the Droid army played a major role in The Clone Wars, his past has never been explored on screen. Grievous' development into a Jedi-killing war machine and alliance with Count Dooku in Tease of the Jedi is a perfect example of how Grievous ended up being a war machine.

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