Fortnite welcomes Orochimaru and more Naruto characters to its festivities

Epic Games just announced that more Naruto characters will make their way into Fortnite, a popular battle royale game with a bias towards cognitively dissonant crossovers.

The item shop will be stocked with Itachi Uchiha, Orochimaru, Gaara, and Hinata Hyuga herself. The event starts June 23 and runs until July 7. Three bundles will be available for Fortnite's Naruto Rivals crossover: Itachi and Orochimaru, Gaara and Hinata, and Ninja Gear.

There will also be alternate outfits available for each character, including Hinata in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation and Gaara in Fifth Kazegage's 'I pay bills now' uniform.

By completing her quests as the quartet of characters in the returning Nindo Community Challenges, you can unlock Naruto-themed emotes and rewards such as the Akatsuki Wrap and the Manda Glider.

With Team 7 Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi, Fortnite announced its Naruto crossover in November of last year. Sasuke finally finds happiness in the crossover Sakura takes a shot at her haters, and Naruto uses his ultimate Jutsu, the Rasen-Gun, which resulted in hilarious memes online.

I expect that Orochimaru will commit (even more) war crimes in Greasy Grove, Sasuke and Itachi will bond by wiping out other people’s families, and Hinata will show off her Road to Ninja mean streak, just as he did in the previous Naruto Fortnite crossover.

In contrast, Gaara is worthy of a life free of the senseless violence Fortnite is known for. He might like to build a fort for his flowers rather than pop fools. That's what he deserves.

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