Fortnite's Logjam Lumberyard now displays POIs from previous chapters

With three chapters under its belt, Epic Games thought it was running out of new ways to showcase the Fortnite map, but the map is constantly evolving and introducing players to new islands to explore. The Reality Tree, however, has evolved into Logjam Lumberyard, incorporating popular POIs from the first two chapters.

It is a giant tree that feeds off the energy of the Zero Point in Loot Lake, which is currently exposed. In recent weeks, the roots of this tree have grown and expanded into other POIs, such as Logjam Lumberyard. It is blossoming, as evident from the Reality Falls biome and the ethereal petals coming out of its top.

In Logjam Lumberyard, fans will recognize the new POIs, which are reminiscent of past seasons. The tree has a strange effect on the surrounding POIs, turning them into something else. Each game in Logjam Lumberyard will have a different theme: Coral Castle, Lazy Lagoon, Colossal Coliseum, and Tilted Town.

The Reality Tree continues to spread its roots across the island, which means more POIs will return in the coming weeks. The Logjam, which changes the island every match, isn't a new aspect, and players can expect to see more versions of the island once the roots become stronger.

It's not just the Reality Tree that's had an impact on the island, as players can also find Reality Saplings. As the season progresses, players are likely to see more of the Reality Tree's power as it stays consistent in every match unless someone chops them down, and it provides plenty of loot.

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