Fossil Cup unpopular with Pokemon GO players

The 'cup' events in Pokemon GO have been well received in general by the community because of their unique limitations and rules. Pokemon GO's Catch Cup, for example, allowed players of Pokemon GO Fest events to use Pokemon they caught during these events to compete against others who had done the same.

In contrast, the same cannot be said for one of Pokemon GO's June 2022 events, the Fossil Cup. Based on the event's name alone, many would assume that the rules would simply allow fossil Pokemon to participate and that players would thus have a very small and balanced roster regardless of their choices.

Instead, there is only one rule for Pokemon inclusions: they must have one type out of Rock, Water, and Steel. Not only are Pokemon that aren't fossils allowed into the event, but they can also be pretty much any type as long as they have at least one of the required three kinds. Due to the Water and Steel-type Pokemon that will be brought to the event, the fossil Pokemon from Pokemon GO Adventure Week 2022 will not be included in the event.

The fan created a meme on Reddit that perfectly encapsulates the issues of allowing non-fossil Pokemon into the cup, as well as two types of Pokemon that are extremely effective against Rock-type Pokemon. This meme focuses on one of Pokemon GO's previous raid bosses, Registeel, who is a very powerful Steel-type in the game. Having strong defenses and super-effective attacks against Rock-types, it would surely dominate any fossil Pokemon.

The same holds for Pokemon of the Water-type, who has a super-effective typing against Rock types. Another Reddit user suggested that Pokemon GO's Water/Ground-type Swampert was a good choice for the event since it counters both Rock and Steel types.

Again, while this would normally be a smart, strategic move, along with Registeel, it overshadowed the theme and purpose of the event: to use fossil Pokemon. As a result, the community is criticizing Niantic for their rule choices as players that try to use a full team of fossil Pokemon will likely lose to more powerful opponents.

Niantic should learn from this mistake and make the next Fossil Cup fossil-only. Even though this could also lead to a different problem of players only choosing the strongest Pokemon for their team, at the very least it will be a fun, themed event that puts fossil Pokemon at the forefront rather than an afterthought.

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