If you miss ordering Steam Deck from Valve, you will get a second chance

You might struggle to wait for your Steam Deck order to arrive at your doorstep, but not receiving the Valve email is just as heartbreaking.

The company is providing something of a second chance for those who have recently found themselves in this situation, since it has announced a new promotion.

Should you miss out on the Steam Deck order window, you can still grab the portable powerhouse if you still want it. You have a grace period of 'a few days' after the deadline to complete your order.

 Users affected by this issue are advised to contact Steam support, as confirmed by Valve's official Twitter account.

Valve's introduction of a system that can notify those who may not be aware their Steam Deck reservation is up for fulfillment is a great move, considering the unprecedented size of the Steam Deck order backlog.

In light of recent delays, we hope that we will not have to wait quite as long for our official Steam Deck dock to arrive.

While we wait for the best Steam Deck docks to become available, third-party docks will suffice to transform Valve's portable PC into a desktop system of sorts.

Thank You!

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