Junker queen: overview of overwatch 2

We break down everything we know about Junker Queen, the 34th Overwatch hero to be released.

Overwatch 2, as you may have heard, is just around the corner. A few months from now, one of the most anticipated games in the last couple of years will finally arrive. We will be able to play the game for free in October 2022 and have access to all the new things.

OW 2 will introduce a lot of new features, such as maps, a battle pass, skins, and heroes. Currently, we have a hero called Sojourn, who is definitely one of the most interesting DPS heroes. In addition to her, Blizzard will introduce two new heroes.

The main focus of this article is Junker Queen's abilities since they are a lot more interesting than some other things. Instead of shields, this tank relies on movement speed and tons of lifesteal. We have yet to determine whether she will be a viable option for certain setups, but she seems pretty strong on the surface.

Junker Queen's first ability is called Commanding Shout. Although it has the same name as the ability in WoW, this will give JQ 200 health and 30% movement speed. Despite the fact that her allies will receive the MS buff, they will only gain 100 HP.

Known as Carnage, Junker Queen's second ability resembles Reinhardt's normal attack. Instead of using her classic attack, this device lets her grab her Axe and swing it. As a result, all targets ahead of her will be damaged and will be affected by the 'wound' effect. 

Her most impressive ability (other than her ultimate) is probably this. With this one, she uses a special blade that can deal damage and she can throw it.

Blizzard may decide to change some of these things, but Jagged Balde will still have two effects. The first one is passive and allows the hero to inflict wounds on her enemies over time. This is important for JQ since it is her primary source of damage.

In addition to her acting abilities, Junker Queen also possesses a passive ability. Through adrenaline rush, she can recover from damage over time caused by her wounds. In other words, the more enemies she hits with her abilities that inflict this debuff, the more healing she gets.

It is now time to reveal Junker Queen's ultimate ability. In addition to being known as Rampage, this spell allows the hero to charge forward and strike everything she comes across with damage. She can also prevent her opponents from healing.

It won't do wonders for every scenario, but it will probably work like a charm against targets that are stacked. Although we don't know if it penetrates barriers or other defensive abilities, this could make a difference.

In addition to the DoT, she also wounds her enemies, which means her health will increase over time. Similarly, the fact that the opponents can't be healed will have a huge impact on the fight since JQ's teammates will be able to kill them very quickly.

In addition to sharing more information about the hero's abilities, we want to remind you that she has 425 HP. For now, she falls somewhere in the middle compared to other tanks. While she can get tons of healing-over-time effects, the lack of a shield means she will only work in certain setups. We don't yet know if they'll work.

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