Latin-sounding lyrics in the Elden Ring song

Research student Duncan Roberts found that, although the lyrics of the Elden Ring may sound Latin to an untrained ear, the language itself is gibberish, according to his diligent work.

Elden Ring is open and expansive, so players often miss out on a multitude of details and minutiae that make it so engaging. Elden Ring has a lot of content to see, so players sometimes miss some details, bosses, and even entire locations. 

A major concern about Elden Ring, which had garnered a great deal of attention, has been proved to be unfounded to a large extent.

Despite the brutal boss battles and gameplay segments of Elden Ring, the music can be intimidating. Elden Ring has several boss themes that are oftentimes horrifying to hear. 

It appears that the frightening lyrics sung in the background songs which were part of Elden Ring are gibberish, as Post Malone stated in an interview that he can't play the video with the music playing because of how intense the lyrics are are are and the music can often be.

An Elden Ring user named MAGISTER-ORGANI, who is a student of Latin, has been tenaciously translating the lyrics of music from the movie. According to the user, all of the lyrics have no meaning.

When the members of the study contacted various music composers who contributed to Elden Ring's soundtrack, it was confirmed that while some lyrics originated in Latin, they were all computer-generated and adjusted to appear ancient.

According to the user, the supposed Latin lyrics in Godskin Apostles music track are completely inaccurate. Given how horrifying the fake Latin lyrics sounded, as well as how closely they matched Elden Ring lore, it makes sense why the fake Latin lyrics attracted so much attention online.

Many FromSoftware fans will agree that the lore contained within FromSoftware's games is extremely captivating, and that is one thing they can say about them. FromSoftware's storytelling approach can be subtle and circumstantial, and a lot of fans tend to eat up any additional details other players may find, and Elden Ring is no exception.

A fake translation, no matter how it's marketed, has managed to gain this much attention online, and yet it was only confirmed by a single user. The translation could also be viewed as a fan-created original piece of fan content for Elden Ring if Hidetaka Miyazaki or another FromSoftware developer debunked it.

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