'Mercy-style' support heroes may be added to Overwatch 2 after the launch, says the developer

As Blizzard's senior developer explains, the development team plans to add Support heroes with gameplay mechanics similar to Mercy in the future.

Overwatch 2 fans have probably experienced an exciting time over the last few weeks. Gamers have waited a long time to get a glimpse of the game in-depth, but now their patience is paying off. At Blizzard's Overwatch 2: Reveal event recently, players got a glimpse at a new character, the Junker Queen, which is featured in the game.

Additionally to the Junker Queen, Blizzard has revealed that more heroes will be included in the game. Specifically, the developer stated that a new character would be added to the free-to-play title every other season. While the details about these heroes coming post-launch are sparse, a developer recently provided a hint about their possible gameplay style.

Earlier this year, Geoff Goodman, the Lead Hero Designer on Overwatch 2, gave an interview that discussed his design philosophy regarding potential new heroes for the game. The developer did not specify which hero would arrive after launch, but he did say the team wished to develop more characters in the 'Mercy-style.'

Goodman suggests that players need to have viable options for healing that require more skill than aiming. A good example of Mercy was provided, and he refused to accept the notion that she was a low-skill hero. In order to play the character at a high level, the developer claimed a large amount of ability was required. In order to be a good positional player, and to decide when to Rez, goodman said, there is so much skill involved.

Overwatch's fanbase is likely to be stirred by these remarks from Goodman. There are some support heroes that have gameplay features that focus on accuracies aiming, such as Ana, Zenyatta, and even Baptiste.

Goodman says that the goal of adding more healers similar to Mercy is to enable players to use more creative playstyles that are less focused on aiming to make pivotal plays for their teams. Regarding adding more Mercy-style heroes to the sequel, Goodman said, 'That's definitely something we talk about a lot.'

The future of Overwatch 2 will be interesting to watch. Overwatch 2 should launch with three new characters, according to the developers. Sojourn and Junker Queen have already been revealed to gamers, but the third character is still unconfirmed. At the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, some players thought they spotted a new hero that looked like a blue fox. We will have to wait and see whether this potential hero is a Mercy-style character, as Goodman talked about.

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