OW2 developers explain why the MMR reset won't be 'complete'

The game's ranked system will undergo a slew of changes when Overwatch 2 launches on October 4.

According to Aaron Keller, Game Director at Dexerto, there will be new 'skill tiers' such as Gold 2, which will be updated after players win seven games.

Unlike SR, MMR is a hidden matchmaking rating that determines who you'll be matched against. In a recent Reddit AMA, Scott Mercer was asked about an MMR reset in OW2 and ruled it out.

According to Mercer, Overwatch won't be performing a full reset of MMR in the sequel, but they will lower MMR for certain accounts.

“There won't be a complete MMR reset for Overwatch 2, but we will lower the MMR of accounts that haven't played in a while as part of a new 'decay' system,” he said.

Overwatch players lose SR if they don't play for a while. The team anticipates an influx of returning players and wants to see if they can still compete in the new 5v5 setting.

It's unclear whether this new decay system will impact one's skill tier as well, but the Overwatch team stated that more information on the revamped competitive 2.0 ranked environment will be released in the future.

In Overwatch 2, if a full MMR reset is implemented, there could be some major challenges for players leading to lopsided games.

“A complete reset would mean imbalanced games across the entire service for weeks or even months, and that would be a bad experience for everyone,” he said.

Overwatch 2 is taking steps to provide a better competitive experience, such as adding extra security to combat smurfs and a new ping system.

When OW2 launches later this year, we'll have to see what else Blizzard has planned. In the meantime, be sure to sign up for the second beta so you can try out new heroes and maps such as The Junker Queen.

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