Pre-wipe season of Escape From Tarkov has begun with raid loot raining down

When on an Escape From Tarkov raid, have you ever noticed that there are unusually many planes overhead? It's not just two or three planes, but up to six have been spotted in the Tarkov airspace these days, dropping plenty of supplies and loot into the raids, and players are confused about what exactly is happening to them in this online, first-person action roleplay.

If you have not been playing the game long enough, it is likely that you will not have identified what is about to occur. Older players are aware that these outrageous events indicate the beginning of the 'pre-wipe season,' a period of anticipation of a wipe.

It was thought that loot being dropped from multiple planes was a bug. But a tweet from Battlestate Games states it is indeed intentional.

It is a server reset that erases all of the player's progress in Escape From Tarkov, forcing everyone to start over from scratch. Although wipes mean that all of your work and progress in a game is not permanent, they also allow players to enjoy this exciting period without the usual limitations of the game. In pre-wipe season, loot is much less scarce than usual, and players can run through theirs comfortably without worrying about running out.

The pre-wipe event taking place in Escape From Tarkov this time around provides even more freedom in terms of loot available to players, with a multitude of planes dropping loot overhead. Pre-wipe events have previously featured Raider NPCs (powerful Raiders), bosses spawning where they usually do not, and access to the Lab.

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