Recontextualizing the Relationships Between Elden Ring Godfrey and Marika in the Tarnished

Players will face Godfrey once in the game. They'll face him again along with his battle spirit, a lion, and his true form, Hoarah Loux. As the first Elden Lord, he was exiled from The Lands Between after losing his battle spirit and became the first Tarnished after his wife Marika exiled him.

However, there is always more to Marika in Elden Ring than meets the eye. One could argue that she is Elden Ring's true antagonist, and has been involved in a series of events and wars to kill The Greater Will and set herself free from its grip.

The reason Marika banished her first husband is sympathetic, sure, but no one knows what led her to take up the second, Radagon, who is also a part of Marika.

A few Elden Ring fans found some cut dialogue belonging to Godfrey last month. It is believed that the lines were cut for a better trailer, or maybe they were part of an intro that was cut from the game. This recontextualizes Godfrey's marriage to Marika and the Tarnished role whenever it should have taken place.

The Tarnished and Godfrey Ring by Elden Ring

Godfrey appears to be speaking with the Tarnished beyond the Lands Between based on the noteworthy bits of dialogue (as seen above). The main character seems to be one of those Tarnished who followed Godfrey out of The Lands Between—returning to Grace's call. It seems Godfrey and the Tarnished were meant to have a closer relationship than they are now.

As Godfrey predicts Marika's actions, this dialogue appears to also take place before the shattering. It is here that he becomes the first Tarnished. It is reported he lost his battle spirit, but the lion is a manifestation of that.

The only reason why he became a Chieftain of the Badlands was that he knew Marika would betray the Greater Will. This shows that the official explanation does not make sense.

Marika's plan to betray the Greater Will has been traced through many strands such as the Tarnished, Melina, the Fire of Ruin, the Rune of Death, Godwyn's death, Ranni, and the Night of Black Knives.

The Tarnished Could Have Been Led by Godfrey, Elden Ring

Godfrey's Golden Order and lineage were entirely dedicated to The Greater Will, so when he learned of Marika's plan he was likely banished. That's why Marika probably married Godfrey first.

She intended for one of the Tarnished to triumph against the Greater Will, following the fate of The Lands Between to end all of them with her Elden Ring, as she appears to care nothing for any of the Tarnished.

In the game, Godfrey may have tried to direct players to the Golden Order if this dialogue had been included. Possibly this ties into the cut content from the Absolute Age. Absolute here can refer to the recreation of the One Great, guided by the Golden Order and Greater Will. It would have made Godfrey's encounter with the Tarnished an emotional one if it had made it into the base game.

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