Release date and time for the ESO High Isle Console Edition

You can now play The Elder Scrolls Online's much anticipated expansion on consoles!

As the release of Legacy of the Bretons, saga is almost here, the Elder Scrolls Online, a.k.a., ESO, received its new expansion, High Isle, on PC a few weeks ago, and now console players can begin their adventure in the saga.

The Elder Scrolls Online's Legacy of the Bretons is the first story expansion in a three-part series, and PC players were able to get their hands on it a few weeks before consoles.

The Xbox and PlayStation consoles will be able to play High Isle starting today, June 20.

In terms of the release time of the expansion, we gathered the information for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, since they will release at different times.

Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle expansion will allow players to step into a brand new region.

The massive universe, meet new characters, complete many new quests, and finally play a new mini-game that could keep you entertained for hours.

A separate article will provide you with more information about the release of High Isle on consoles following several hours of server maintenance, which we will be sharing with you shortly!

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