Release date for League of Legends Nilah

Nilah, The Joy Unbound, has been teased for several weeks prior to her official trailer being released on June 17.

Players can expect to play as Nilah in League of Legends when her trailer launches. Nilah is aided by a water demon, who allows her to perform her abilities.

Nilah has not yet been given a release date and we do not know when she will be available on the PBE. 

Her release to the PBE could take place on Wednesday, June 22, but Riot has not yet provided an official statement confirming this. We can expect her to release on July 13 after Patch 12.13 is released on Wednesday, if she does enter the PB

The trailer for Nilah shows some of her gameplay, which seems to be focused around her water whip. Nilah will be the first melee ADC to join the League of Legends roster. 

A dash, an ability to block crowd control and projectiles, and an ability to bring in enemies around her appear to be some of her abilities.It will take until she arrives before we can discover the exact contents of her kit.

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