Ripsaw launcher, Light Sabers, Naruto cosmetics and more revealed in Fortnite's version 21.10 leak

There has been a rollout of Fortnite v21.10 across the entire platform, and leakers have already revealed the addition of Darth Vader to the island, the return of lightsabers, and Naruto cosmetics along with the ripsaw launcher will be available soon.

In this post, we discuss leaks about Fortnite v21.10. According to leakers, the new update will add Super Styles to five skins: Malik, Evie, Adira, Sabina, and Stormfarer. As with previous seasons, gamers will need to level up their Battle Pass beyond level 100 to access these styles.  

Due to the success of the previous Naruto game, Epic Games had no choice but to make another one. With money to be made and fans to please, it was inevitable.

I'm delighted to announce that the collaboration has now been launched, and it looks fantastic! A total of four additional skins have been encrypted. In the Item Shop, they won't be available for a while. Players will have to wait until a few hours later before they can purchase them.

Summer 2022's Summer Event has been released, and challenges will take place on Creative Maps once again. Loopers might lament, 'Here we go again,' but the maps appear to be more capable this time around.

This new set of levels will include parkour challenges and prop hunts, in addition to construction and combat challenges. Gamers can earn more experience points and awards as a result.

Following much anticipation and controversy, Lightsabers have returned to Fortnite. They are hidden in unique chests across the island. This item, when combined with Grapple Gloves, will make fighting exciting.

You can use the E-11 Blaster Rifle to level the playing field if your enemies close the distance quickly or slip behind you to use a Lightsaber. A ripsaw launcher and a fireworks flare gun were introduced during the downtime. The former fires saw blades, while the latter shoots flares.

Despite its small magazine size and small damage, the Ripsaw Launcher doesn't appear very impressive at first glance. On the other hand, the Firework Flare Gun has a lot to offer. When launched into the air, it reveals the opponents' positions, making it useful for scouting and pushing.

Fortnite's third season introduced the Reality Tree. This mysterious creature has created a new biome. The roots of this tree are spread throughout the island. It has recently taken over Logjam Lumberyard.

In addition to purple landscapes and alien-like plants, Epic Games appears to be working on a feature dubbed Reality Clouds. Nobody knows what this does or how it may work, but we will let you know when we determine its function.

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