Season 4: The 5 Best Fight Scenes Vol 1 of Stranger Things

Characters from Stranger Things teamed up in some interesting ways, and some great fight scenes included those characters. This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1.

Stranger Things doesn't always have supernatural elements in its fight scenes. Eleven, now using the name Jane Hopper, finds herself dealing with her bully at her new California school.

Murray VS The Guards

Since Murray was introduced in Season 2, he has become a fun and interesting character, but his adventure with Joyce makes him shine in Season 4. It is shocking to hear him say that he learned karate, and to see him practicing is a highlight.

One VS Eleven

Stranger Things introduces the Stranger Things audience to One, the first child to be monitored and coached by Dr. Brenner as Eleven slowly recovers from her trauma under Brenner's care.

One is Henry Creel aka One. Eleven removes the device inhibiting his powers when he reveals the truth to her, unleashing his full power on the facility. Her goal is to stop him from using everything she's learned from him.

The Byers House Is Invaded By Agents

A fight scene is less common in this sequence, as Mike, Will, and Jonathan run for their lives. Byers (and Jane Hopper) have moved to California, so their lives are very different from the rest of the Party.

Steve, Eddie, Nancy, and Robin VS The Upside Down Bats

They go on a search for the Upside Down gate when they realize there must be one open in Hawkins. Upon finding it, Steve gets dragged through a lake, and the older teens go after him.

Max VS Vecna

In the fourth season, Sadie Sink's performance has been consistently praised by both critics and audiences, and her confrontation with Vecna plays a significant role. It's a brief fight scene, but she sells it with her performance.

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