Several Walmart customers are reporting problems with their PS5 orders

Customers are awaiting information about their PlayStation 5 orders from a June 2 restock at Walmart, but the retailer isn't responding. It's big news when a store restocks the PS5 since availability is still much lower than buyers would like. Earlier this month, Walmart provided some PS5 restocks, but it appears that the retail chain is not fulfilling all of the orders that were placed on June 2.

The Walmart PS5 restock announcement was quite big since you could only order a PS5 if you were a Walmart+ subscriber, and Walmart+ costs $12 per month. Some users are now reporting issues with their orders after PlayStation 5 orders were placed behind a paywall.

Several PS5 Restock subreddits are reporting that they are not getting much feedback regarding their orders. The overwhelming majority of posters expressed confusion over delays in recent Shipping Posts/Updates mega threads. Many users have reported that their orders still state 'placed' and have not changed to 'preparing' or 'shipped' since the day they were placed.

A Redditor pointed out that many people seemed to be waiting for the PS5 restock order, asking if anyone received their purchase. As of now, there hasn't been a response in the affirmative, with posters saying the most information they have received is that their order status has been changed to 'delayed.'

Since PlayStation supply issues are expected to last through 2024, it isn't surprising that some Walmart customers have reported issues with their PS5 orders. In the meantime, Walmart has not responded or clarified its plans, leaving several Redditors confused and frustrated. They would like to know when they can expect their console shipment or if they should expect everything at this point.

Even though all users report delays or pospostout confusion over when they can get their consoles to appear to be from the June 2 restock, the actual dates for when they were supposed to arrive are different. Several users are expecting the PS5 sometime this week, while others expected it on June 10. Still, other users are already hoping for a PlayStation 5 restock from another retailer in the coming months.

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