The details of a mass outage affecting major websites

This morning, several well-known websites started showing '500 Internal Server Error' errors. It is believed that an issue with the content delivery network is responsible for the problem Web-based platforms affected by the issue include Discord, Canva, and NordVPN, among others.

Ookla's DownDetector, which is meant to track outages around the world, was not even able to identify the scope of the outage for some users. Grindr has also been experiencing issues, as per a tweet by Downdetector.

According to the latest update on Cloudflare Status, a 'critical P0 incident' was declared at 06:34 AM UTC (12:04 pm IST) affecting Cloudflare's network in broad regions.

Many users reported the outage on social media sites, including Discord, Canva, and NordVPN. According to, the problem also affected servers of other games, such as Minecraft and Valiant.

Some users were also unable to access the DownDetector website due to the outage. Some of the impacted sites and services are still taking time to respond to all users,

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