The 'Firework Gun' might be coming to Fortnite

Dataminers and leakers have reported that Fortnite may be adding a fireworks gun as part of a future update. Fortnite has managed to stay at the top of the list of relevant gaming titles even though many games tend to fade away after several years (or even months).

In the second week of the third season of Epic Games' battle royale game, Chapter 3 Season 3, the massively popular game is in second place. This new season of 'Vibin'' has introduced several new game mechanics that are still being discovered by players.

According to data miner and leaker HYPEX, a Firework Gun is rumored to be coming to Fortnite soon. The leaker has posted a three-second clip from Fortnite's new introductory trailer, in which a pair of projectiles crashes into the screen before exploding.

According to HYPEX, an explosive weapon was originally mentioned by a leaker with the handle Shot-Marco and should arrive in time for the current season. It can be found in chests, looted as floor loot, and sold by an unknown NPC.

According to Hyperex, the first assumption makes the Firework Gun a variant of a Grenade Launcher. Even though these projectiles are entirely different from Grenade Launchers' regular rounds, Fortnite has had seasonal variants of the item before in the form of Easter Egg Launchers and Snowball Launchers during the winter months.

As another, and perhaps even more plausible conclusion, the Firework Gun might be a reworked version of the Flare Gun. This multifunctional weapon has existed since Chapter 3's debut, marking players who are in the path of a flare, as well as igniting any structures in its path.

In light of the fact that fireworks are also fire-based, and the 4th of July is quickly approaching in the United States, one can expect to see a redesigned Flare Gun. It is possible, as with the Grenade Launcher variants mentioned earlier, that this Firework Gun has its own unique attributes.

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