The Latest Chapter of One-Punch Man has been published twice - but how are they different?

Despite its long track record of mystical events, One-Punch Man's latest stunt has left readers scratching their heads. One-Punch Man's readers have recently been confused by a mystical event that did not occur recently. Until recently, One-Punch Man published one chapter every two weeks, but updates have become less frequent. 

It was Chapter 162 that eventually appeared, which had already been published a couple of weeks earlier. A giant battle between Saitama and Garo was detailed in Chapter 162, which debuted on June 1, 2022. Garo tried every trick in the book he knew in that version of the chapter.

His mighty foe was struck by a barrage of punches as he manifested an extra pair of hands. In addition to these extra arms, he used them to boost his attack, enabling him to flatten mountains with his strength. The gravity and magnetic fields of Earth were thrown out of alignment by Garo's attack.

Two of Blast's companions resembled familiar faces, and this is perhaps the most interesting aspect. Both resembled Boros, the alien leader who attempted to conquer the Earth, and Beast King, the commander of Dr. Genus's strike force. The fans will remember that both characters died at the hands of Saitama.

In the new chapter of One Punch Man released on June 15, we found that Chapter 162 was redrawn instead of the expected Chapter 163. Redrawing a chapter means that scenes that were omitted in the original rendition are no longer considered valid.

Garo still tried his best to defeat Saitama in the second rendition, including manifesting an additional set of hands, which he was aware of. Instead of focusing on Garo's tricks, the new version focuses on what happened after Saitama beat Garo. Despite still feeling the Earth's disturbance, Blast and company were no more than a silhouette in a tiny panel.

Although it was grander than its predecessor, Saitama did finally defeat Garo in the new version. Saitama's punch revealed the original human body underneath the Monster Hunter's husk. While contemplating his defeat, Garo heard someone's voice.

The voice eventually became Bang's silhouette, tricking Garo into accepting the alien power. Garo's transformation afterward was probably his strongest to date -- Cosmic Fear Mode.

Since Yusuke Murata doesn't seem to have the word mediocrity in his vocabulary, redraws are not a new idea in One-Punch Man. What is curious, however, is the difference between the two versions.

Because the old version is no longer canon, does that mean Blast's familiar-looking companions are no longer around? Are their accidental revelations merely spoilers? Furthermore, Garo undergoing another transformation means the fight between these two godly beings will continue in future chapters of One-Punch Man.

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