The next battle between the champions is ready for Pokémon Journeys' cliffhanger

The latest episodes of Pokemon Journeys have kicked off the Master's Tournament, and a cliffhanger is preparing for the next major battle between champions for the next major battle! As Ash Ketchum worked his way through the ranks of the World Coronation Series in the latest iteration of the anime series, he finally reached the final tier of champions, namely with the eight final competitors. 

From this point on, the match-ups will only get more intense as the champions face off against each other in the series' latest episode.

The first match of the World Coronation Series was played in the latest episode of the series previously revealing that the Master's Eight of the series included champions from every Pokemon region introduced until now.

As a result, this first battle was quickly ended, and it means that the next round is already upon us. As the newest episode comes to a close, Lance and Diantha, who were Kanto and Johto champions, will face off in the second quarterfinals match. 

A full bracket for the Master's Tournament was revealed in episode 115 of Pokemon Journeys, which confirmed Lance and Diantha would face off in the second match. Alain (who made it to the Master's Eight for the first time) won the battle against Leon. 

Lance and Diantha had both realized they would be facing off against each other, and they graciously accepted that they would be doing so, and they are both ready to go to any lengths to face off against each other. 

The only difference is they will both still face Leon in the semifinals, regardless of which of them wins. As for the rest of the bracket, Cynthia will face Iris and Steven Stone will face Ash.

 Lance and Diantha's fight is not the end of the tournament, however, as there are still some big battles to come as the stakes keep rising. Would you like to watch Lance and Diantha's battle? What do you think of Lance and Diantha's chances of winning? Which battle in the Master's Tournament do you hope to see the most? Let us know what you think! I'm on Twitter @Valdezology, so you can reach me directly if you have any questions about animated stuff or anything else cool!

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