The servers crash immediately after Fall Guys go free-to-play

Oh no, they did it again. Previously free-to-play, Mediatonic's bubbly platformer royale was released on Xbox One and Switch yesterday. Despite reports of connectivity problems lasting more than 24 hours, the game's servers immediately crashed.

The Fall Guys game was released for PlayStation and PC in August 2020 and became one of the biggest games of the lockdown era. There was a time when life was really bad (okay, it still is, in covid terms). Its chaotic vibes and bite-sized gameplay, as well as its turn as the monthly 'free' game from PS Plus, helped propel Fall Guys to massive popularity for a brief period.

Mediatonic was acquired outright by Epic Games in March 2021. Fall Guys was moved from Steam's storefront to Epic's proprietary launcher as part of this deal. The game is no longer sold on Steam. Another part of the project has been pivoting to a free-to-play model, similar to Rocket League, whose developer, Psyonix, was acquired by Epic in 2019.

In Fall Guys' sixth season, aptly titled 'Free For All,' that free-to-play rollout happened yesterday. Players immediately complained of problems while playing. Many of these reports resembled memes, similar to the social media feeds they used to report on the game they tried and failed to play.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account acknowledged the woes at 10:02 a.m. ET, followed by an additional acknowledgement 50 minutes later. In its next tweets, Fall Guys tweeted about cake, cosmetics in-game, and the unsettling fact that its titular guys are six feet tall. Mediatonic has not confirmed whether the issue has been resolved on the game's official feed.

Players certainly don't. Some claim they must wait for a long time to get into a match, or they have to restart the game repeatedly. Others report being unable to play games at all. There is no timeline for a fix from Mediatonic. In the same way that many online games launch, this one is a muddle. With Fall Guys, there is only one difference from, say, Outriders: it's been around for almost two years.

When Kotaku reached out to Mediatonic for comment, representatives for the company forwarded the request to Epic. A representative from Epic did not respond in time for publication.

Fall Guys spokesperson sent over the following statement at 3:15 p.m. ET: 'The Free For All launch yesterday set multiple records for the game, including the most simultaneous and single-day players ever.

We apologize to everyone who had to wait to play because of the high loads our servers faced throughout the day. The performance has already been stabilized by multiple fixes, and we're happy to see so many people playing with friends across platforms.'

There are several times in the past that Fall Guys has been hampered by server failures. Twitch streamers and their large audiences were granted early access into the game by Mediatonic in 2020. Approximately 120,000 people attempted to play the game at once when it launched. There was a sputtering on the servers. Is there a saying about time and flat circles?

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