The Switch version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 is unbeatable, Aspyr confirms

It is exciting to see Star Wars games available on Switch, because it's a novel way to experience the galaxy far, far away. Aspyr's latest port is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, which is a flawed, incomplete experience.

Aspyr has been waving down a recurring problem with the port, where the game always crashes during a cutscene involving the Basilisk colliding with Onderon in Knights of the Old Republic 2.

This is due to a bottleneck in the game. In order to beat it, players must go through this part of the game, and many cannot comprehend how this portion of the game was released. Although players can visit other KOTOR planets, complete optional areas, etc., they are unable to complete the game.

In our Switch review, we were unable to beat Knights of the Old Republic 2. We encountered a lot of technical issues during our time with the game, but we worked around many of them since it's KOTOR 2.

Our attempts to bypass this bug were unsuccessful—we used multiple KOTOR 2 party members, replayed the entire section (which can be quite lengthy), skipped or played the cutscene in a variety of ways, but we couldn't find a solution.

The only thing fans can do now is wait for the patch from Aspyr to be released. Although it’s a bummer and a major blemish on its release, Aspyr has the bones to make a fantastic Switch port if they can resolve this issue soon—just the execution dropped the ball hard.

The Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic 2 will be hard to beat at this time.

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