There is a catch with in-game credits & more transferring over to OW2

Despite a few catches, in-game currencies such as OWL tokens and competitive points will carry over from Overwatch 2.

With the major Overwatch 2 reveal live event held on June 16, Blizzard Entertainment has slowly been revealing new information about the game.

In interviews, Overwatch 2's Director, Aaron Keller, also discussed the game's removal of loot boxes and the addition of new maps.

More details on how Overwatch 2 will handle legacy currency have surfaced from a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything.

Overwatch's Commercial Lead Jon Spector confirmed that all older currencies and points will carry over from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2. The discussion began when a Reddit user asked how Blizzard will handle Overwatch 1 currencies in the sequel.

When Overwatch 2 launches, players will receive Overwatch's in-game credits, OWL tokens, and competitive points.

However, this did not come without a caveat: according to Spector, Overwatch 1 credits will transfer but “our new virtual currency will be the main currency, and there will be things in OW2 that will not be purchasable with those OW1 credits.”

In other words, players will likely still have some interest in older in-game currencies, but the new one that debuts in Overwatch 2 will likely take precedence.

Moreover, Spector clarified that any unopened loot boxes in players' accounts will simply be received en-mass by the players.

As some players, like 'Dr_StevenScuba', simply assumed Overwatch 1 currencies would be retained or unavailable in the sequel, this is welcome news.

Some users, such as user 'Ahridan,' predict that Overwatch currency would be utilized on 'freemium' things and that 'The usage of the coins will be finite I'd think, after you've bought the main items, that's it, they have no more utility, and everything else comes from the battle pass.'

For now, we just know that legacy currency will carry over and contribute to Overwatch 2, but it will be interesting to see how Blizzard uses it.

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