Tomorrow, Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will be remastered for PC and consoles

Following some significant setbacks shortly after its initial announcement, Nightdive Studios' highly anticipated remaster of Westwood Studio's classic Blade Runner point-and-click adventure is finally complete, and will be launching tomorrow, 23rd June, for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.

It was an extraordinary piece of work that, unlike most licensed adaptations, managed not only to capture the neon-streaked dystopian atmosphere of the movie in a story that ran parallel to it, but did so in ways that were both wildly ambitious and legitimately groundbreaking.

Even though Blade Runner takes its cues from narrative-driven point-and-click games, it immediately distinguishes itself from its peers by sending players, in the role of Blade Runner Ray McCoy, on a randomly generated adventure.

As the game progresses, players must use their detective skills to identify and hunt down a number of replicants, but which characters are replicants varies from play-through to play-through, subtly changing their behavior.

Furthermore, instead of following a scripted route through the story, NPCs move around based on their assigned objectives in relative real-time.

Blade Runner's world feels impressively alive once you add branching narrative paths and different endings.

While the game is a classic, it is also inevitably an older game from a technical perspective, despite its many strengths.

Nightdive Studios - the restoration specialist that remastered Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and System Shock - has announced that it will be remastering the game back in March 2020.

After a few early glimpses of Nightdive's Blade Runner restoration, development soon appeared to stall.

It told Eurogamer back in October that it was having difficulty overcoming 'obstacles' relating to the tech used by Blade Runner, and that its search for the original source code and assets had 'come up empty.' As a result, Nightdive decided to postpone the game's original 2020 release date indefinitely.

Nightdive's long-awaited Enhanced Edition is almost here, with a release on Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam planned for 23rd June.

The Steam page of this new version mentions reconstructed and upressed video, boosted video frame rates from 15fps to 60fps, a modern HD display, enhanced subtitle support, gamepad support, SMAA anti-aliasing, anisotropic texture filtering, and an enhanced Knowledge Integration Assistant (KIA) and clue user interface.

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