Updated patch notes for Fortnite 21.10: Darth Vader makes an appearance

This patch introduces an entirely new threat: the Imperial Army led by Darth Vader himself. In the patch notes for Fortnite's 21.10 update, the first major update in nearly two weeks, we learn that this threat is known as the Imperial Army.

A new challenge awaits those brave enough to face the Dark Lord of the Sith and his Stormtroopers on the island. Darth Vader and his crew will appear in different locations in every match, and anyone who defeats him will win the Lightsaber of Darth Vader.

Like previous lightsaber weapons in Fortnite, the red saber can be thrown like a boomerang at an enemy for great damage.

As part of the Imperial landings, you will also find Imperial chests, which contain among other useful loot, the return of the E-11 Blaster. Stormtroopers will also drop these unique weapons if they are defeated in battle.

Those who want to level all the way up to 200 will also be able to unlock the Super Styles for skins in Fortnite 21.10. Players can earn alternate styles for Adira, Evie, Malik, Sabina, and Stormfarer starting at Level 140, including Platinum Rift, Lapis Slurp, and Auric Blaze.

A new patch will also update the new Reality Saplings, adjusting the number of fruits that will appear on trees based on their rarity. In addition to the three Uncommon and Rare fruits.

Epic fruits will be reduced to two per harvest, and Legendary fruits will be joined by the Mythic fruits with one fruit per harvest.

In the Fortnite 21.10 patch, the audio visualization feature will receive a slight redesign, with the indicator's range reducing for 'footsteps, chests, and vehicles.'

For the visuals to appear, the source of the sound must be closer to a player in order to 'better match the distance at which the sound would be audible.'

This week's Fortnite update 21.10 isn't the only one adding new content to the game; Naruto Rivals--the next set of Naruto-themed skins--is slated for release on June 23 in the item shop.

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