Whack-A-Mole Machine Created by Minecraft Fan

It's hard to imagine a time before Minecraft for many younger gamers. Released in 2009, it has grown to become one of the biggest IPs in the industry, and despite its age, it is still one of the most popular video games today. The reason it's still so popular after more than a decade is that it enables millions of people to realize their creative potential in an ever-expanding world. People come up with a wide variety of interesting projects, including recreating classic fairground games.

Reddit user MTigurrr did that. They created a whack-a-mole machine using a short video on the Minecraft subreddit. In the clip, the game is switched on and all of the animals' heads appear through the holes before disappearing. In the real version, each animal appears at random and the player takes a swing at it. The recreation is pretty impressive and faithful to the original.

The blocky game allows players to reimagine real-world things in creative ways. An additional user recently made a working rollercoaster in Minecraft as part of the discussion of fairground frolics and carnivalesque contraptions. Projects such as these require a lot of skill and time, but it seems there are more than a few players who have what it takes to create such amazing creations or recreations as the case may be.

Fans are also known to build huge structures. While there are some massive builds in the game, it would still be quite enjoyable even if that was all there was to do. However, with the implementation of Redstone's versatility, it's possible to make all sorts of cool and interesting contraptions. A player's project can be as simple as they want or as complex as they want, from recreating entire video games to making a vending machine or an alarm clock. The possibilities are endless.

Since Minecraft: Legends, which is an upcoming RTS spinoff of the game, was recently announced, there is clearly more to explore in this already vast world. It's unlikely to outdo Mojang's original sandbox title, but it will be interesting to see how fans react to it. Until then, many players will continue to dream up and build all kinds of machines, whether they're virtual versions of classic fair games or something conjured up from thin air.

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