What Super Smash Bros. Can Learn From Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and MultiVerse's Wacky Roster

Nintendo All-Star Brawl and MultiVersus have a unique way of presenting playable characters, which should influence the next Super Smash Bros. game. There is doubt about Super Smash Bros.

It doesn't seem necessary to add another entry to Super Smash Bros. right away; Smash Ultimate is still very popular, and although it has stopped receiving updates, it may have succeeded in immortalizing itself in the same way as Smash Melee.

There is no chance that any Smash game will ever offer enough playable characters to satisfy everyone, but every Smash game remains an opportunity to improve what fans can choose from. Smash Ultimate's large roster may need to be diminished in the sixth generation, but to make up for this,

Despite having no household names when Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl was announced, its roster has launched the developers and publishers to stardom.

Since Nigel Thornberry is a meme phenomenon, he became part of the cast instead of another character from The Wild Thornberrys, and Hugh Neutron will likely do the same later this year.

MultiVersus isn't out yet, but judging by how diverse the rosters look, the game appears to be inspired by All-Star Brawl. Fans of MultiVersus includes a variety of DC heroes, Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry for classic cartoon fans, Adventure Time's Finn and Jake for the Cartoon Network fans,

Despite how silly the MultiVersus and All-Star Brawl rosters appear at first glance, they are actually very clever. Including highly desirable characters in both games is clearly a great way to attract players. The same could be said of Super Smash Bros.

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