Which skins from League of Legends have been leaked

A-League of Legends skin is always in the news, so it seems like we can't go a single day without finding out about it.

We sometimes get information from Riot Games' official channels, but we also rely on data miners and leakers from around the world to find out what we are searching for.

We have decided to compile all leaks about upcoming skins into one place. There are chances that some of the dates, skin lines and champions might be incorrect, but it's always fun to see our favorite champions in new clothing, isn't it? All of this information is leaks, and none of it has been confirmed.

You can get spoiled by reading this article below if you're okay with getting spoiled because some of these could be true!

BigBadBear also revealed that there would be a new Conqueror skin released on the rift, along with the High Noon skins and the Battle Boss Bel'Veth skin.

We have yet to hear who will be the champion for this supposed Conqueror skin. He did mention that this skin may appear in LoL Patch 12.9, however, we already received the EDG skins and the first half of the High Noon skins in Patch 12.9 of LoL.

We will now take a look at the champions still in need of skins, and two names stand out at the top. Rell is one of those champions, who are perfect for Eclipse or even High Noon, but Riot is sleeping on her. Fiddlesticks was promised a skin in 2021 and hasn't yet received it.

League of Legends patches 12.12 and 12.13 will reset the current Mythic Shop. A brand new Mythic skin will replace Ashen Knight Pyke.

A leaked Ashen Knight Pantheon skin concept has shown up on the web, and he looks awesome. He'll likely release with the same content as Ashen Knight Pyke, which means a border, an emote, and a lot more.

The Star Guardian skins will return to Riot in 2022, according to Riot. In addition, the skins will also be receiving a huge event in June, which would put them around Patch 12.13 or Patch 12.14. The leaks indicate that 17 new Star Guardian skins will be released.

In his newest YouTube video, BigBadBear revealed that there would be 17 new Star Guardian skins and confirmed most of the champions we had on our list.

We expected Ahri's visuals to be updated in the upcoming Ahri ASU, but her Star Guardian Lux skin will be updated as well.

Fanatics of Star Guardian Syndra can also rejoice as her skin is getting a prestige edition. Ekko isn't the only one to receive this upgrade.

It's exciting to know that the new bot lane will also receive a Star Guardian skin since every champion gets one upon release. Bel'Veth hit the Rift in LoL patch 12.11, which pushes back the timeline for Star Guardian by a few months.

If we want to get our hands on the new Star Guardian skins, we will have to be patient until the end of the autumn or even at the end of the year if we want to be patient.

The leaks begin with Star Guardian Fiddlesticks, the most obvious champion on the list. Wait, what? According to leaker BigBadBear, Fiddlesticks will be getting a Star Guardian skin.However, he is going to be the main antagonist in the Star Guardian universe. Magical Girls need someone to fight with, don't they?

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