Xbox consoles now support Fall Guys, a free-to-play game

Xbox One and Xbox Series X owners can play Fall Guys for free on those platforms. A new season with more rounds, an auto grab for new players, and a season pass with free and premium rewards are part of the launch.

Cross-platform and cross-progression support is available for Fall Guys on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

A battle royale game inspired by Wipeout has become free to play on Xbox for the first time now, and as a bonus, is available on custom Xbox controllers.

In 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout played as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on PC and PlayStation 4. However, the subtitle has now been removed as the game has gone free to play.

With the release of the new game, a new season called Free for All launches, bringing new stages, features, and changes for returning players.

Additional rounds include Bounce Party, Track Attack, and Volleyball, influenced by bouncy castles. The voice chat in-game has also been enhanced, and ledges can now be grabbed automatically rather than by pressing a button in the settings.

As a result of the release of the season pass, players can now earn 50 levels of cosmetic rewards without paying, and it includes premium currency that can be used for the inevitable next season pass. Players who bought the full game before the transition will receive the first pass free of charge.

Fall Guys has had a long road to Xbox. The Xbox Game Pass Instagram account teased its arrival last year, but developer Devolver Digital refused to join the service.

Mediatonic was acquired by Epic Games in April 2018 and the game was originally planned for summer 2021 for Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

As part of the game, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC users can all play the game via the Epic Game Store as well as Steam via cross-platform play. 

Steam players can still access the game and continue to receive future updates, even though the free to play version has been removed from the store. Epic Games did the same with Rocket League when it went free to play.

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