'Madden NFL 23' highlight not appreciated by Packers rookie

A recent highlight video posted by the "Madden" football franchise's official Twitter account featured Green Bay Packers rookie Tariq Carpenter.

In the short clip, Carpenter – a seventh-round pick of the Packers who may transition from safety to linebacker in Green Bay – is assigned the task of covering Los Angeles Rams receiver and Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp one-on-one on the outside.

A wide receiver's release moves and press counters will be showcased in the upcoming video game by the developer.

The virtual Kupp beat the press, cut inside, and was wide open, while Carpenter trailed far behind. Kupp going up against a rookie safety certainly helped create a video-game highlight.

Carpenter, who wears No. 24 in the clip, had some fun with the whole thing on Twitter after the video was released.

Carpenter is unlikely to ever cover Kupp one-on-one in a situation like this. And if he ever does, the result will likely resemble the simulation.

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