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After Mang0's comments on the Heard vs. Depp trial, the Super Smash Bros. Melee community is accused of sexism

The Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp defamation and abuse trial has come to an end, but the entire internet is still fascinated by the case.

Streamers like Felix 'xQc' Lengyel, Asmongold, and Imane 'Pokimane' Any have been very vocal about their opinion on the case. 

While the Smash community has also shared opinions on the high-profile celebrity trial, some feel Melee God Joseph 'Mang0' Marquez's comments have gone a little too far. 

In response to Mang0's recent stream, competitive Melee player Jo Plissken wrote on Twitter that he 'can't, in good faith, recommend women to join the Smash community.'

Amber Heard still has the chance to win the Oscar. 'I think she set womankind back by at least 20 years. She set them back. That was a tough L. 

Mang0 said while casually playing Melee, 'Ten bucks Johnny Depp taps that at least one more time. Ten bucks! And it'll be the hottest sex one has ever experienced. I wish I could watch it. I would pay top pay-per-view dollars to see that.' 

Mango responded to a viewer who called Amber Heard a c*m guzzler with these words: 'Oh, my type of girl. I love me some c*m.' 

Jo Plissken said he's a Mang0 fan and cheers for him during tournaments, but not what he said on stream about Amber Heard and women in general.

Plissken said that other male community members commented they wanted Heard to start an OnlyFans, among other things. 

According to Plissken, he was accused of being 'overly sensitive,' but he disagreed, saying, 'I'm just trying to make women feel welcome and shitlike this doesn't do that.' 

Plissken, however, was backed up by others. One follower pointed to a tweet by Juan 'Hungrybox' DeBiedma that included a meme about the case. 

Hungrybox made the case into a simple meme, but some players felt it was just a harmless joke about the results of the case.

Mang0 has made comments like this and worse about women countless times, said a female caster in the community. 'And he's not the only one who does this.' This has ruined Melee for me, and the community has not actively called it out, and I hate it.' 

During an early combo video, he called it 'rape.' He also called out hot tub streamers on Twitch when he got banned for 'sexual content' for telling Ludwig he 'humped an anime figurine too much.' 

Many Smash players are concerned about Mango's comments on the abuse trial because he has also been accused of abuse by a partner.

While Mang0's comments may have been made as a joke at the expense of Amber Heard, they were still taken too far by some members of the community who already feel the Melee scene is unwelcoming and unsafe for women.

Members who wish to see Melee improve, expand, and become more inclusive in the Smash scene are concerned by these types of sexist comments in 2020 as the Smash scene attempts to recover from an extreme amount of #MeToo accusations.

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