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Esports tournament to be held at Rancho Bernardo High School on June 10

Brenda Sanchez, a senior at Poway High School, had neveBrenda Sanchez, a senior at Poway High School, had never played Super Smash Bros. in front of a crowd before. She usually played the game alone in her room with headphones.. in front of a crowd before. She usually played the game alone in her room with headphones.

"It's so different to have a crowd watching. Even if you lose, the energy that comes out of it," Sanchez said Tuesday.

Assisted by her grandmother and others, Sanchez won the Poway High team's first-place trophy.

As the only female competitor in the North County Esports Championship, she will compete on June 10 at 5:30 p.m. at Rancho Bernardo High School Performing Arts Center.

The top three competitors from previous bouts will compete for the championship, which includes a trophy, prizes, and a chance to win college scholarships from Next College Student-Athlete.

The championship will feature 12 players from Poway, Westview, Del Norte, and Mt. Carmel high schools.As the only girl in the tournament, there is more weight on my shoulders. It is a bit nerve-racking."

A teacher at Abraxas High School in Poway, Matthew Iske is the founder and general manager of the Unified Esports League.A total of 40 people attended the first competition, and ticket sales quadrupled from the previous competition at Poway High.

Sanchez began playing video games when she was about 10 years old. Since then, she has taken part in a few online tournaments. Her family has provided her with time to practice.

Sanchez said she was surprised she took the top prize for the team since she practices with the top three players regularly and she usually doesn't beat them. She said she enjoys being the only girl on the team.

As a rule, Sanchez plays with Rosalina and Luma, a 2-in-1 character. She said that she likes them because they are feminine and not very common.

Gaming also helps her come out of her shell a bit. When she plays games, she is more social and can talk about other topics.After she graduates, Sanchez isn't sure if she'll go into Esports directly. She wants to study game design when she's older.

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