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The best horror games for playing with friends

V Rising

V Rising is an open-world survival game with a twist, released in early access by Stunlock Studios. A vampire is building its own creepy castle in a mysterious world filled with monsters. Vampirism and cool blood-based abilities meet Diablo and Ark.

Salt And Sacrifice

Ska Studios' latest Soulslike, Salt and Sacrifice, builds on the success of its predecessor. Metroidvania game with 2D dungeon crawling but covered in otherworldly horror. Salt and Sacrifice takes place in a different time period and location from the previous game, and it puts you in charge of protecting the land by consuming evil mages.

Evil Dead: The Game

Though the publisher kept its launch secret for some reason, Evil Dead: The Game has done well. In this four-versus-one asymmetrical aimed at unseating Dead By Daylight, there are plenty of references to the show and the Evil Dead Raimi universe.

After Dark VR

The After Dark VR demo has some good ideas, despite its status as Early Access. Another asymmetrical horror game? This one has its own twist - everyone is in VR. The classic survivors power up objects to escape a scary area while a hunter chases them down, but the addition of virtual reality adds an extra layer of tension and fear to the game that other asymmetrical games with their third-person cameras cannot.

Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together

For simple Indie scares, Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together should be on your list of recommended movies. In Dream Toaster's co-op horror game, you work with a friend to escape a nightmarish pixelated dungeon whilst rebuilding your corpse.

The Anacrusis

The Anacrusis comes out of this tortured metaphor if you blend Left 4 Dead gameplay with Deathloop's retro sci-fi style. Stray Bombay's game is set aboard an ailing star liner that's stranded on the edges of known space, where you and your crew must survive an alien infestation that has transformed the ship's passengers and crew into ravenous monsters.

Prop Night

 Prop Night is a mix of Dead By Daylight and Gary's Mod Prop Hunt in a surreal and physics-based game that's a lot of fun with friends. Survivors must repair generators so they can escape a Killer, and points are awarded based on performance.

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

The sequel to Alien Swarm, Reactive Drop has you playing as a team of soldiers battling an alien threat. Over the course of a lengthy campaign, which can be played either in single-player or online co-op mode, this happens. Massive alien hordes and plenty of weapons will let you create all manner of colorful carnage as you fight through the hordes.

Golden Light

Golden Light is a journey into the abstract and the terrifying, part horror, part fever dream. The diamond in the rough, developed by one man, Mr. Pink, is definitely one to watch in Early Access. Golden Light brings you into a surrealist nightmare as you explore mind-bending dimensions while battling hordes of gooey goblins and demon-possessed props.

In Silence

In Silence sat in Early Access limbo for a long time, but it's good to see that it's received some improvements since it launched at the end of 2021. In Silence is a six versus one game where one group plays as Survivors who need to escape or defeat the solo player running around the map as the resident monster.


The game Phasmophobia by Kinetic Games should be at the top of your list if you have ever watched those Ghost Hunter shows on TV; you might do a better job than them. In this cooperative first-person shooter, you and your friends take on spooky spirits and dangerous demons in a number of haunted locations. Even though the game is in early access, it is constantly updated with new features and mechanics.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen should be on your radar if you're looking for something with John Carpenter's The Thing-like paranoia. Geoff "Zagg" Keene developed this free-to-play sci-fi horror game in which a group of astronauts face off against a shape-shifting alien.

Hide & Shriek

Sometimes there's nothing better than a big old terrifying jump scare in a video game despite the cheap price tag. In most games, they serve to keep tension high, but Hide & Shriek wanted to give the player some control over them.

Dead By Daylight

As its roster of creeps and characters has grown significantly since its launch in 2016, Dead by Daylight is one of those titles that has quickly become the B-movie Monster of the Week. One killer is hunting four survivors in this horror game by Behaviour Interactive Inc. 


Good horror games can give you a well-timed scare; great horror games keep you paranoid because you never know when they are going to strike. GTFO does this admirably. Ten Chambers' early access hardcore first-person co-op game puts you and three friends against unrelenting mutant hordes in a series of pitch-black underground laboratories.

The Blackout Club

The Blackout Club is a great way to test your skills if you've ever thought about yourself as an amateur detective. Playing procedurally generated missions, you must uncover a monstrous secret beneath the surface of a small town in this co-op survival horror game.


Cheerleaders Distrust is a procedurally generated survival horror game set in a remote Arctic research base. From an isometric perspective, it's an interesting take on horror that relies heavily on the dark isolation of long nights in the Arctic for suspense and setting the mood.

Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive's six-player zombie killing fps will give you the catharsis you need. The objective of Killing Floor 2 is to survive wave after wave of mutants, zombies, and other huge lumbering beasts.The game features a range of classes, perks, and weapons that will let you and your friends take care of any mutation in no time. 

Dread Hunger

The snow-covered landscape of the Arctic Circle seems both alien and extremely isolating. Dread Hunger has managed to transform that horrifying feeling of being stranded on the 7th continent without any hope of rescue into a reality. The game has you stranded on an ice-bound ship with eight players.

Sign Of Silence

A scary place at night is the forest, so you may want to consider Sign of Silence if you feel the same way. The game is set in the monster-infested outskirts of Danville, a small town, and just after a car accident, you and your friends must survive and escape by any means possible.

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