8 Best Barbarian Legendary Weapons in Diablo Immortal

The Remembered - PvP - Off-Hand

Barbarians already excel in the battlegrounds without getting turned into summoners and disablers. The Remembered must be equipped by players for it to be legitimate.

Dishonored Blade - PvE - Off-Hand

When used in a group rift, Demoralize is unbeatable; it forces mobs to attack the Barbarian and at a greatly diminished level. You can use auto-navigate to get to the entrance, then invite some people to the group and become their best friend.

Obin's Many Fingers - PvP - Off-Hand

A Chained Spear makes a great PvP weapon, but it's hard to target, especially against opponents who are well versed in the technology. It isn't the easiest class to play as you miss the Chained Spear attack over and over again during a match as a Barbarian.

Razorgrip - PvE - Off-Hand

For taking down rifts, channeled skills are the perfect opener, but adding them to the mobile Barbarian loadout will feel sacrilegious. Imagine how many times the Barbarian's enemies will swarm at the start of combat and get in a few free hits, wearing it down before the end of the dungeon.

The Maddening - PvP - Main Hand

Frenzy will reach maximum stacks after just five auto-attacks. Players will have plenty of practice with the skill since it allows them to level up quickly. However, the attack speed can be useful for more than just solo play and dungeons.

Eager Maelstrom - PvE - Main Hand

Barbarians aren't known for their fast movement speed in rifts. Mobs will already be gathered around it, so you don't have to chase them down or catch up to them. This character can rise up the class tier chart by sacrificing some speed for more damage.

North Wind - PvP - Main Hand

The sight of a Barbarian at max level is terrifying. If they don't stay close to their allies, they can easily be picked off and thrown into danger. The majority of gamers are aware of this and retreat to safety just close enough to their allies.

Sellena's Iron - PvE - Main Hand

You shouldn't lower the difficulty for fewer rewards if enemy groups are dishing out too much damage. Instead, find Sellena's Iron and use it to destroy clusters of mobs. Leap into battle with a Hammer of the Ancients and a Hammer of the Ancients.

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