An Old Man is knocked off a cliff by a Breath of the Wild player!

In The Legend of Zelda

In the breath of the Wild, aka BOTW, you can experience all sorts of hijinks due to the game's physics-based system and extensive open world. Players have bent the system to their will in so many incredible clips.

Player to do something

It doesn't matter if they're coming up with new ways to kill enemies or finding new ways to get to certain locations. In this game, if you challenge a player to do something, they will most likely find a way!

First start the game

When you first start the game, you are in a cave, but once you leave, you're in an open world.

Float across the map

The Old Man is the first person you meet. In the game's beginning, you will be guided by this NPC, and he will provide you with a paraglider that will allow you to float across the map.

Hyrule kingdom

It's a mystery at first, and he won't help you until you prove yourself. As a result, ThornyFox on Reddit had enough of their nonsense and decided to let them save the Hyrule kingdom on their own!

Magnesis, and Stasis

Even though this seems trivial, moving this NPC so near the cliff is an impressive feat. From the video, it's evident that he doesn't move easily. Even with the use of a chest, Magnesis, and Stasis.

The game would be propelled

A stasis maneuver allows you to fix an object to a spot, and if you squeeze it from a specific direction, it will launch in that direction with the amount of momentum you apply! While most things in the game would be propelled great distances.

Valuable Paraglider

the Old Man stood his ground quite well but ultimately succumbed to his fate. There's no way he could have saved himself with that valuable Paraglider!


They managed to push one version of ThornyFox into a duplicate version and keep them both together.

ThornyFox has gotten

It's not the first time ThornyFox has gotten into trouble with the Old Man. I'm eagerly awaiting the next adventure!

Thank You!

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