Apex Legends' most coveted Ash skins

The incisive instigator has joined Apex Games, but she hasn't played. She first appeared as a commentator for Arenas in Apex Legends. A few seasons later, she became a playable character, but that doesn't mean she lost her position as Arenas master. Her knowledge of legends' locations and their strategies only adds to her danger.

As with Revenant, Ash is a simulacrum, Apex's version of a robot. Her skins are usually sharp, succinct, and severe, just like her personality. As with many other legends, Ash's rarest skins are usually available only as part of Twitch Prime deals, old battle pass rewards, and limited-time events.

Synthetic Huntress

The Warriors collection event in season 12 offered Synthetic Huntress for purchase. It has a high price tag and limited availability, which makes it one of the rarest Ash skins. You will need a lot of luck to get this sassy purple and gold legendary skin, but it could return at some point in the future.

Solar Consequence

She doesn't hide in the shadows, as her metallic orange skin proves: she can be seen from a mile away. It costs Legend Tokens or Apex Coins to purchase Solar Consequence, a recolor of Fallen Angel, one of her base legendary skins. It's a coin flip if the skin is available on any given week since it has to be available in the in-game store in order to be obtained.

Venom Blade

The Venom Blade skin is only an epic-tier skin, but it is just as stylish as many of Ash's legendary skins. As part of Prime Gaming's free loot rotation in November 2021, this skin was available to Prime Gaming subscribers. Prime usually doesn't reissue these skins, so anything it gives you is very rare.

Modern Primitive

As part of season 12's premium battle pass, this somewhat-muted skin was awarded at level one. Ash's body armor and legs give it an element of punk. Players must have purchased the premium battle pass at some point during season 12 to obtain this skin. As with Prime Gaming skins, battle pass skins do not generally return after their respective seasons are over, so finding this one is becoming increasingly difficult.

Deep Sea Dragon

It was one of two epic skins available for purchase during season 11's pirate-themed Raiders event, the other being Seer's Freebooter skin. Thanks to its gold-on-blue dragon print on its arms and legs, Ash's skin is one of her flashiest. There are also scale-like patterns on other parts of her armor. This skin is no longer available for purchase on a regular basis, but it may appear again in the future.

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