Call of Duty Mobile has taught Apex Legends Mobile a valuable lesson

I'm loving Apex Legends Mobile because I prefer massive internet mobile games and since I was fascinated with the console version for a year.

But I enjoy it because it learnt one essential thing from mobile gaming juggernaut Call of Duty Mobile, which has a feature so valuable that I use it to rate other similar mobile games. While Apex Legends Mobile doesn't have the most intuitive controls, it accomplishes one minor thing brilliantly.

Mobile phones are fiddlier to use to play games than a console controller since the buttons are on the screen, so you have to rely on your thumbs (unless you have really quick fingers).

Since Apex and CoD share key functions, all mobile shooters have a similar control scheme. You may swipe on the right half of the screen to look around and on the left to move; tap on the left to aim your gun and on the right to shoot.

PUBG Mobile is a good example of how this works, although it makes other things more difficult. You had to move your hands to duck, stand up, lay down, use a healing item, change weapons, or equip a grenade, so you couldn't aim and fire. It was hard to move or glance around when aiming.

When you push the shoot button in Call of Duty, you also aim. This cuts the time needed to push two different buttons, which in a fast shooter game can mean winning or losing.

With this minor addition, CoD became my go-to mobile game when I desired this kind of gameplay; the entire game felt smoother and more natural, and it was hard to play PUBG afterward. Apex Legends Mobile mimics this functionality, making gameplay just as fast-paced as the non-mobile edition.

Apex is fun, partly due of this feature, but it has another problem mobile shooters have that Call of Duty did better with: the controls.

Call of Duty Mobile was influenced by the main-line games, while Apex Legends Mobile is a straight port of the console and PC game, thus it must be more accurate to the controls and features. The base game features several sophisticated techniques, like as slipping and employing Ultimate abilities, that don't work well on mobile.

The touch controls section of the screen is overloaded with icons, making it hard to recall what does what. Which button slides a hill? Should I press 'duck' instead of'reload'? Often I hit the wrong icon or have to recall which did what.

Ping is an example. On console and PC, you may ping faraway foes, loot in boxes, and regions to attack or defend. With clumsy touch controls on mobile, I never know what the ping button will do, and I sometimes ping objects by accident.

Sometimes you pick up objects automatically, sometimes you don't, and sometimes you can't even if you need them and have storage space. I can't figure out a rhyme or reason.

Boxes that drop when players die let you pick up their gear, which is the greatest way to upgrade guns and resupply ammo. In Apex Mobile, you can occasionally collect everything in a box by going near it, but other times you must push a little button on the screen or pick out each item separately, which is time-consuming.

Remember, I'm not a rookie playing their first mobile game; it's my work. Apex Mobile can be tricky.

Apex Legends isn't the first mobile game to have too many controls; I encountered it with PUBG: New State and stopped playing. Easy shooting controls make up for the confusion, but some simple improvements might make the game more exciting.

That doesn't mean it's a poor game; it's one of the best mobile shooters I've played (and I've played many). But because I'll be playing for hours, I'd like it to make more sense.

Thank You!

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