Coconut Mall was altered in Mario Kart 8, and fans are clamouring for it to be restored

Earlier this month, we witnessed the return of fan-favorite Wii map Coconut Mall, which was included in

The first wave of maps is included in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass (which is a mouthful, I know).

However, there is a problem with Isle Delfino, as fans have spotted that the cars in front of the last turn are now completely still.

Disappointment on the part of certain fans was made evident when Nintendo posted a promotional trailer for Coconut Mall (thanks, Nintendo Life).

Most bizarrely, fans have discovered that the map, which has also recently been ported over to Mario Kart Tour, does indeed have moving cars on mobile devices.

And to make matters worst, data miners have determined that this isn't a bug at all, but rather an intentional choice taken by Nintendo during the game's development.

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