Elden Ring Clip in Reminding of Torches' Usefulness  

By hanging a hand lantern on the player-character's waist, Bloodborne's hand lantern made illumination accessible so the player's hands could be freed up so they could equip a trick weapon.

The lantern on Elden Ring is identical. In Elden Ring, torches have uses not found in previous FromSoftware games, and while many are circumstantial or optionally effective, they still have uses players might not fully understand.

Elden Ring has far more torches than players may realize. It is no secret that Elden Ring's Sentry Torch reveals invisible enemies. 

In addition to "indulging sleep," St. Trina's Torch and Ghostflame Torch both deal magic damage.

However, one torch can also de-aggro certain enemies, according to Redditor u/Angrymr_fuzzy. Their first test with the Beast-Repellent Torch was against a pack of Caelid canines, who stood menacingly while wearing it but did not attack.

The Beast-Repellent Torch of Elden Ring can only be acquired from the Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow but shows why it is a useful strategy to purchase items from scattered merchants.

While some items may not seem like armaments that players should upgrade at Master Hewg in the Roundtable Hold, they can still be of significant use in certain situations.

Many beast creatures across the Lands Between are effectively repulsed by the Beast-Repellent Torch.

However, even though ordinary bears won't attack players with the torch equipped, Elden Ring's Runebears will still trample them and are not affected by the torch's unique abilities.

In addition, if the player becomes too comfortable around affected beasts, they may still attack. To de-aggro the beast, they must simply unequip and equip again.

The Beast-Repellent Torch's flame will not keep an attack waiting for the player, so it is best to avoid remaining too long in an area filled with them if players can avoid it.

Due to Elden Ring's expansive open world, it is advantageous for those players who may never discover or use many of the items and strategies unless they undertake a gimmick run or some other sort of challenge.

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