Elden Ring Meme Highlights Annoying Stonesword Keys Issue

Elden Ring gamers discuss a persistent annoyance with one of the game's built-in text prompts.

Text prompts for items picked up or interacted with appear in all of FromSoftware's Souls-like games. Elden Ring is the same approach, in that if an object is picked up from the environment, a text prompt appears informing players of what they have just collected and placed in their inventories.

Then, in Elden Ring, a button input is required to close the prompt at the player's choosing.

Invincibility frames are delivered to players in intractable animations, such as when they slowly push through doors, and they momentarily disable their hurtboxes.

The presence of a text prompt after the animation ends and the player's hurtboxes are re-enabled, however, can be a significant annoyance.

Elden Ring has a number of UI icons and text prompts, such when Stonesword Keys are inserted into an Imp Statue, and gamers have gathered to complain about how inconvenient they may be at times.

The text prompt "Stonesword Key was lost with use" enters into a passionate dispute with the player, who is annoyed by the repeated message while being attacked by an adversary and subsequently slain due to the on-screen distraction, according to Redditor u/SnooChocolates1726.

The insistence of these prompts can result in a player's death if they are assaulted while trying to close it, making Elden Ring's Imp Statues quite dangerous if dealt with at the wrong time.

The statement "Somewhere, a heavy door has opened" frequently appears after players pull the concealed lever needed to open the doors to certain of Elden Ring's dungeon boss encounters, while the word "The Beast Eye quivers" appears when Deathroot is close.

Furthermore, many have been frustrated by the statement "Resummon steed by eating one charge of the Flask of Crimson Tears?" when attempting to resurrect Torrent after it has died and the player has been dismounted.

Few of these prompts even cancel other inputs or animations, putting players at risk of dying if they fail to realise the prompt is still there or don't know how to close it. Fortunately,

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