Elden Ring: Speedrunner completes the game in under 9 minutes

Elden Ring's speedrunner

Elden Ring's speedrunner Elden Ring has now defeated the game in under nine minutes.

Speedrunner Distortion2

YouTube user Distortion2 shaved his time to 8 minutes 56 seconds. He used the Zip glitch to teleport between different areas of the map.

Distortion2 speedruns Elden Ring

Combining this with other exploits that allow most parts of the game to skip, Distortion2 has cut down on his time every day since setting the under-30-minute speed run one month ago.

Elden Ring's major bosses

There are many speedrun styles, including runs that do not take damage or deals damage and complete playthroughs where players defeat all Elden Ring's major bosses.

Bloodborne and Dark Souls,

Players will find ways to exploit Elden Ring in new ways, much like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, for many years to come. This will lead to even faster runs down the line.

Starscourge Radahn

Last week, players found a way to defeat the notorious boss Starscourge Radahn. They lured him to the edge of the water so that he drowns.


Other bizarre secrets that Elden Ring has discovered include a pair of fancy underwear in-game files, and a wall that opens only after 50 hits.

FromSoftware Souls

IGN's 10/10 review stated that Elden Ring was a huge iteration of what FromSoftware started with Souls.

Dark Souls Developer From Software

It brings its constantly challenging combat to an amazing open world, which allows us to choose our own paths.

Elden Ring guide

You can make informed decisions about Elden Ring by reviewing our complete guide. It includes information on collectible locations and boss strategies.

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