For Fortnite Season 3, How to Get Ranged Weapons with Epic Rarity or Better

Players can earn XP and level up their Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass by completing new quests today. Players are required to obtain a ranged weapon of Epic rarity or higher and eliminate at least two opponents with it to qualify for one of these new quests.

Fortnite Season 3 is currently in its third week, with the new season sporting a summer festival vibe, a new season officially began three weeks ago. With the new 'Vibin' season, Epic Games' battle royale title introduces several new mechanics to the game; one of which can be used specifically to complete this quest.

The best way to go about completing this Fortnite quest is to use Reality Seeds and Reality Saplings. One of the hidden mechanics entails heading to the new POI Reality Falls, where they can find and plant a Reality Seed that will grow into a sapling.

After harvesting a sapling at Common, players can weed it to upgrade it to the next tier, although this may take several matches. Fortnite players can also expedite fruit regeneration by using Chug Splashes and Shield Kegs on Reality Saplings.

There are only a few ranged weapons considered in Fortnite's ranged category this season; the new DMR, Boom, and Heavy Sniper Rifle, making the sapling fruit even more crucial.

This effectively doubles the amount of fruit that can be harvested, which in turn increases the chances of qualifying for ranged weapons. One particularly potent method is harvesting Epic fruit, then weeding to immediately upgrade to Legendary.

For those short on Gold Bars, there are several Bounty Board locations offering 75 for completing a bounty. DMRs and Heavy Sniper Rifles also spawn fairly frequently, and Upgrade Benches are usually located near a POI.

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