Fortnite is the focus of a new Wordle clone

Wordle word of the day

The rapid success of Wordle cannot be denied. The Wordle game has taken the internet by storm, as players attempt to keep their streaks alive by guessing the Wordle word of the day carefully.

Wordle's Forte version

There are countless copies of the game, which were purchased by The New York Times. Wordle's Forte version, which combines one of the most popular battle royale games with Wordle, has recently made an appearance.

Clone Wordle games

Clone Wordle games are nothing new; developers have done it for NFL players, video games like Destiny, movies, and more. It's not just about spelling out a five-letter word, as some Wordle-likes even play snippets of songs.

word-based game

With Fortnite's growth and Epic's massive support, a word-based game is possible.

Skins, emotes, pickaxes

A great source for Fortnite information can be found at You can find all the skins, emotes, pickaxes, and more from the battle royale on the site.

Fortnite skins

Additionally, players can see what's on sale today as well as what Fortnite skins they'll soon be able to get their hands on. Forte is a brand new addition to the site.

New Fortnite word

On this page, players can try to guess a new Fortnite word every day. As with Wordle, players are required to input five-letter words for Forte. Fortnite-related words, however, are also allowed.

Peely, Banana Skin's favorite

So it is likely that today's answer will be Peely, Banana Skin's favorite. The emote Slick, that jazzy emote introduced in Season 7 back in 2019, could be used tomorrow.

Five-letter Wordle

Fortnite has so much content that a five-letter Wordle clone is possible. There are fewer options than you might think since it is only five letters, but it also helps that the site that Forte is linked to has all of the content from Fortnite available as a mini cheat sheet.


Wordle has provided some neat inspiration. A bot that aids players in guessing correctly has been created, a history-based daily guessing game exists, and Wordle has even been incorporated into Minecraft.

Fortnite version

A recent example is a Fortnite version, which has a simplistic yet addictive nature.

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