Horizon Worlds' in-game purchases are being tested by Meta

What you should know

Meta's Horizon Worlds is a social space platform available on Quest 2 virtual reality headsets.

Meta's in-world

Several creators will be allowed to sell virtual items in-world during Meta's in-world monetization testing. A bonus program is also being tested by the company.

Horizon Worlds gaming

Today, Meta announced it will test in-game monetization for its Horizon Worlds gaming and social platform, as well as a creator bonus program.

A handful of creators

The test will include "a handful of creators" who will be able to sell virtual items and effects in their worlds. Attachable accessories for avatars or access to a new area of the world can be examples.

Virtual items through in-world

As on other social platforms, creators can create and sell their own virtual items through in-world purchases.

Horizon Worlds

As reported by The Verge, Meta will take 25 percent of every Horizon purchase from items made after the platform fee. As of now, Horizon Worlds is only available on Quest 2 headsets, but could soon be available on mobile phones and gaming consoles.

Apple's 30 percent

Using an example from iOS, Meta would take 25 percent of the sale after Apple's 30 percent cut, leaving the creator with just over half of the sale's profit.

Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus Program

A "Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus Program" will also be tested, but only for participants in the U.S. Rewards will be paid in "goal-oriented monthly programs" at the end of each month, without fees.

$10 million Horizon Creators Fund

Over time, the company said it could change its goals, such as encouraging creators to adopt new tools. Meta introduced the $10 million Horizon Creators Fund last October to incentivize and reward creators who make engaging worlds.

Horizon Worlds app

The Horizon Worlds app was launched late last year and has amassed over 300,000 monthly active users and more than 10,000 worlds created in the first few months.

Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues

Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues are included in the statistic since both foci on live events, such as concerts and sports.

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