How to play Steam games using the Nintendo Switch Pro controller

For PC gamers, Steam is by far the most popular storefront. This is because it offers many useful features that make gaming here the most desirable.

Playing with a controller is recommended if you are uncomfortable playing with a keyboard and mouse, or if the game is not set up well for that style of play.

The Xbox 360 controller used to be the only option for players for a long time, however, the market has since opened up greatly. Play your games on your Nintendo Switch Pro controller via Steam by following these instructions.

You will need a USB-C cable to connect your Switch Pro controller to your PC to use it on Steam. If you have a controller or any other device with the same plug-in port, you probably have one of these lying around. Open Steam and plug the device in.

Choose Steam from the top left corner of the screen, and then select Settings. Navigate to the Controller section and navigate to General Controller Settings. You will now be able to see a big picture of your controller settings.

One option listed here is Switch Pro Configuration Support. You can now play any Steam game with your controller once that is checked. At the bottom of the screen, you should see a confirmation with Configuration options in the top right corner.

Below the box for using the Nintendo button layout, you have checked Use Nintendo Button Layout. The buttons on your controller will work as marked.

Steam will use your controller as an Xbox controller, so A and B will be switched, as will X and Y.

By right-clicking any game in your Library and selecting Edit Steam Controller Configuration after connecting your Switch Pro controller to Steam, you can change the button layout of your controller.

If you are using your Pro controller, you can customize each input. Some games will have a standardized layout, so check here to make sure everything is as you like it.

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