How to use the Switch Axe Weapon in Monster Hunter Rise

The ultimate hunting challenge awaits both newcomers and veterans in Monster Hunter Rise, and no matter what foe you face, you will have a blast learning how to handle these powerful monsters. Some weapons stick out more than others depending on your preferences, and such is the case with the Switch Axe.

Switch Axes are sword axes that can switch between two modes and deliver heavy damage. Switch Axes lack defence, but make up for it with leaping attacks, elemental slices, and explosions. Learn about the Switch Axe's attacks, Silkbind Abilities

The Switch Axe

There are two sets of moves for the Switch Axe in sword mode and axe mode. Although you move faster in axe mode, the actual swings are slow and heavy. Sword mode, on the other hand, allows you to move slowly, but its attacks are fast. Below is the control page for the game's Hunter's Notes mode for Axe.

Axe Mode

Axe and sword modes can be switched by pressing ZR. Sword mode can only be accessed if the Switch Gauge is filled beyond the white line. It is possible to reload manually instead, taking a few seconds to fill up the Switch Gauge. To switch from manual reload to sword mode, you have to press ZR again, meaning manually reloading your gauge takes many times as much time as it should.

Sword Mode

Attacks in Sword mode build up Amped State. In both modes, all attacks deal extra hits and apply the weapon's effects when the gauge is full. Phials damage according to the weapon's element, making Switch Axe a great weapon for dealing elemental damage and damaging creatures.

Here are the types of phials and their effects: Power Phial: increases physical damage, Elemental Phial: increases weapon element damage, Poison Phial: adds poison to attacks, Paralysis Phial: adds paralysis to attacks, Exhaust Phial: attacks siphon stamina from foes, Dragon Phial: adds dragon element to attacks

Silkbind Abilities

Switch Charger (ZL+A/B): It utilizes a Wirebug to launch you forward while rapidly regenerating your Switch Gauge. Additionally, the Switch Gauge will not decelerate for a short period. This Ability allows the Switch Gauge to be easily charged.

The Switch Gauge Ability is very versatile; it can reposition you, charge the Switch Gauge, and prevent the Gauge from being depleted for a short period of time. Thanks to the fact that this Ability isn't an addition to the Switch Axe's abilities, you don't have to choose it over its equally amazing Silkbind Abilities.

Invincible Gambit (ZL+X/Y):  An attack that spins forward and makes the user impervious to even the fiercest attacks, making them immune to flinching and being knocked out. It gives Switch Axe some much-needed protection as well as playing into the weapon's strengths of launching a barrage of attacks that is unstoppable. The three strikes of Invincible Gambit do not charge the Switch Gauge.

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