In its latest update, Halo Infinite simplifies event challenges

Halo Infinite has been updated with changes that will make event challenges easier and more rewarding.

For example, players can expect that challenges will be less stressful and grindy to complete, and that event challenges will reward them with two unlocks from their corresponding Event Pass.

Players can earn experience (XP) and rank up their Halo Infinite Battle Pass by completing challenges in Halo Infinite's multiplayer. As with in-game events, players must complete unique challenges to unlock the cosmetics offered in each event's special Event Pass.

These event challenges can often be much harder to complete than regular ones, and many players have expressed concern about their inability to complete them in a reasonable amount of time.

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has responded to these critics by releasing a new update for the game that not only makes event challenges easier to complete but also rewards players with two unlockables from the Event Pass.

Moving forward, this means event challenges will be easier to complete and more rewarding.

Nearly a week before the end of Halo Infinite: Interference, the game's latest event that encourages players to complete challenges in the Last Spartan Standing game mode, this update arrives.

Interference's Event Pass will expire on May 16, so fans who struggled with its challenges beforehand (or never got started on them at all) still have several days to unlock everything in it.

The changes made in this update are not yet clear if they will apply to future events and event challenges or just the Interference event.

Nevertheless, based on the wording of the announcement from Halo Support's Twitter account, it seems like event challenges will remain easier and more rewarding for now.

Final words: it's great to see the developers make Halo Infinite's challenge system less stressful and grindy, and I hope further changes will be implemented to continue to make it as friendly to players as possible.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is now available on Xbox One and PC for free, and although it hasn't had the best start, it is poised to become one of the best Xbox shooters ever.

Fans of Halo can look forward to the most expansive Halo experience yet with Halo Infinite.

The game offers a fantastic campaign with a dynamic open world and a compelling story, in addition to an exciting free-to-play multiplayer mode featuring a strong core gameplay engine and a wealth of awesome cosmetic unlocks.

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