Morbius collaboration hints at Fortnite PlayStation Store ad

Epic Games have yet to confirm a crossover between Fortnite and Marvel's Living Vampire, however. Fortnite players can't wait until it's Morbin' Time in the battle royale.

However, some clues seem to imply that Epic may be moving forward with another Morbius Fortnite collection shortly.

The video game's PlayStation ad seems to take some cues from the Morbius movie, along with some in-game screenshots that have been leaked.

People believe the latest Fortnite PlayStation Store signage includes a reference to the Morbius film in front of the logo.

In the recent Fortnite commercial that makes people wonder if a crossover is coming, you can see the same blue, hazy effect that permeates Morbius and its posters.

Although it can't be confirmed, the post has further fueled speculation of a crossover bundle featuring Fortnite and Morbius, especially after the game leaked with Michael Morbius in an orange jumpsuit.

The meme-famous movie has been in theaters multiple times, but it seems Fortnite is set to add to its legacy with what is sure to be a popular in-game skin.

The leaks regarding Epic Games' promotion should be taken with a grain of salt until Epic Games confirms any such promotion.

The possibility gave Fortnite fans many reasons to be excited since the infamous meme might not be too difficult to revive in the popular battle royale.

In the past, Epic has successfully ported other films into Fortnite, so it'll be interesting to see whether they continue with a Morbius collaboration.

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